Week 8: Jumping Into The Blog World

Bachelor of Music Industry links and information from WEEK 7 : Harnessing The Network

This Week?

– understanding blogs and the importance of links / referencing / embedding links within blog posts
– understanding blogs, podcasts and subscription technologies
– understanding RSS / getting a google reader account to subscribe to blogs and other online media sources

As discussed last week, the network should be engaged with ( for communication / feedback / research / production ), not just treated as an end point for distribution / marketing.

Good examples of blogs being used to engage in a network:

rocketboom, boingboing, kottke, four eyed monsters, we make money not art

Questions for this week :

Why are blogs of interest to professional audio workers?

Why are links interesting?

What is RSS / web feeds and subscription technology?
The BBC’s succinct explanation ofRSS feeds
Explaining RSS in Plain English ( youtube video ).

wordpress.com : very useful, featured blog engine

google reader : online RSS subscription tool. ( tutorial here )

Tasks :
1. Exploring links – write a blog post – with link to your delicious homepage ( http://www.delicious.com/yourname ) ,
to the group’s collective bookmarks ( http://www.delicious.com/tag/rmitmusic09 ), and other accounts you have set-up, and a link to a bookmark from someone else you have found interesting ( describe briefly why ) Email your blog address to : sean.healy@rmit.edu.au

2. Write a brief blog post about the benefits of blogging for musicians, include links and description, ideas it generates for you.
Or write a blog post with links to 3 blogs who regularly post information relevant to your professional interests.

3. Get a google reader RSS account, and subscribe to this blog, the rmitmusic09 tag @ delicious, and 3 other music related blogs.

( Use technorati, google blog search engine to discover blog links )

Relevant reading : Social Engagement for Electronic Musicians


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