Everybody’s Blogs

.. are now available from a link in my the sidebar, and here.

TASK : Have a browse and find two blog posts of interest, and make a link to these in a blog post of yours.

(( If you haven’t already sent your blog address to me, email it today : sean.healy    @     rmit.edu.au))

Two blog posts I found interesting :

the ongoing ‘loudness war‘ with modern compression techniques..

and the ghost of broken hill, about an audiovisual performance.

How does the link with everyone’s posts work?

Each blog has it’s own RSS feed… everyone sent me their blog address, and I extracted the RSS Feed address from each… I could use this to subscribe to them in google reader, and be easily kept up to date when anyone makes a new post.

The  free Yahoo Pipes service then allows you to combine many RSS feeds into one place. In what ways can you think this ability might be useful for you? ( Being able to combine many different sources of information into one place? )


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