Introducing HTML

Jumping back on that architect-needing-to-know-about-plumbing-and-electricity idea – this week we’re looking at HTML, and developing our capacity to produce material online, as well as liase with web professionals. In other words, we’re looking to get a good overview, and to explore the basics, some of which will help us further editing our blogs later.

Key Questions?

What is HTML?

What is a language?

What are the rules and protocols of this language? ( tags, URLs, formatting structure, colour, design

Knowing these rules, where are good reference points for finding specific code names needed to do specific tasks?

What software can be used to create HTML files?

Where are these stored online for viewing?  ( And how are they transferred from your computer to that location? )

TASK : Make one blog post with your assignment in mind, which collates a range of HTML reference and tutorial links for you to easily refer back to later. ( eg how to make a link, how to embed an image, how to change colours of a font, how to make an image a link etc etc )


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