Issues to think about for Building webpages

Today we will build some sample webpages at google sites, and link to them from our blogs. Below are some links that explore various concerns for building a larger project and series of webpages.

Planning and storyboarding – like any major creative endeavour, time planning avoids headaches later during production.
Design + Colour schemes – clarity is our aim, not high-end graphics.
Navigation and links – how do people find their way around your site – and back?

Task: Build two webpages at google sites ( support / tutorials here ). Link these pages to each other, and include a link to the pages from your blog.


One Response to “Issues to think about for Building webpages”

  1. Week 11 : Images, Widgets, Site Massaging « Rmitmusic09’s Blog Says:

    […] within their blog posts, and on a google sites page. See more about images here, and more about google sites here. Task : Include one properly compressed image within a blog post, and one image within a google […]

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