Week 10 : Customising Blogs

The wordpress support page has extensive links about how to use all of it’s features. Today we want to customise our blogs, and take them beyond a ‘beginners’ look. We will be exploring embedding images ( see also ‘uploading documents‘ ) , changing your blog header image, adding sites to your blogroll, making links to external pages, and linking all of our various twitter, flickr, delicious and blip accounts to the blog.

(( We’ll be concentrating on wordpress, but for those at blogspot : official blogspot help, and an unofficial blogspot tutorial site. ))

Task : Add 3 sites to your blogroll – one technical resource needed for building assignments, one student’s blog from the other LAB, and one music related link. ( how to add links to blogroll ).

Task : Create a separate wordpress ‘page‘ which will appear in your sidebar ( similar to your about ‘page’). Building separate pages like this can be a very useful thing for building larger sites and your final project.
(( If you haven’t already edited your ‘about page’, do so now, include a photo if possible. Click ‘pages’ on left hand side, then ‘edit’. ))

Bonus Points: Try adding an mp3 file to your blog using the first method here. This will require you to have uploaded the mp3 elsewhere, ad copy the URL of the mp3 file. ( blip.tv allows free mp3 uploads, and hopefully you signed up for it earlier in the semester. Tutorials about uploading mp3 files to blip )
(( and here is how to embed videos from blip.tv on a wordpress blog. ))


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