Week 11 : Images, Widgets, Site Massaging

This week we’ll be making sure everyone is able to embed images within their blog posts, and on a google sites page.
See more about images here, and more about google sites here.
Task : Include one properly compressed image within a blog post, and one image within a google sites page. Bonus points? Make a linked image ( an image which can be clicked on to go to another site, and post an image which contains several links.

Notice all of the extra functionality added to this blog in the sidebar? This is done through widgets in wordpress, and is a great way to tie together your various accounts, and provide a richer experience for your audience.

A Widget is a fancy word for tools or content that you can add, arrange, and remove from the sidebars of your blog. Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your blog sidebar – the part of your blog to the left, right or sometimes top or bottom of your main content. So long as you’re running a widget enabled theme, you can customize what goes into those sidebars.

Access to the widgets is from the Appearance menu in your Dashboard. ( More info about widgets + info about each widget )

What are myspace widgets?
How to add widgets to myspace
A large collection of widgets for myspace.

Facebook – a musician’s guide.

Have bookmarked some examples of interesting online music related projects, these can be found at: http://delicious.com/tag/rmitmusic09

Task : Find 3 other innovative music projects online, showcasing an interesting use of the net. Bookmark these using delicious, and add the tag ‘rmitmusic09’ ( which will mean everyone will be able to see each other’s links here : http://delicious.com/tag/rmitmusic09, and add a two line description about what is innovative about the project’s use of the internet.


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