Final Assignment

Web Presence Assignment. Due. Monday Week 13 (1st june).

• Create three distinct active online web identities Using Blogs, social networking sites and or a personal web page.

• These sites must contain (or have links to) a variety of multimedia files that display your music industry practice.

• These sites should display the aspects of the Music Industry that you are most interested in and showcase your best creative work.

• These sites should be hyperlinked to each other and also display your ability to exchange and share information with other net users. The assignment includes a 2000 word written discussion detailing:

• How you created each web identity

• Why you have selected a particular form of web identity

• What you aim to promote on each web identity

• In the case of social networking sites, A brief summary of the history of the development of that network.

• Make sure you supply the full url to each of your web identities in the written submission.

You should submit any audio or video files used on cd/dvd format. You should submit copies of any html xml codes used. You need to reference all sources used to gather your information. Wikipedia is not accepted as a reliable source of information. To reflect the importance of the internet within music industry marketing, Students must create a multimedia presence on at least three different web communities or based platforms. These could include:

Personal website Last Fm Reverbnation Facebook Myspace Flicker Twitter WordPress Secondlife

Students must present a logbook that is 2000 words in length that includes:
* A discussion of the production process from concept to production
* Rationale for the type of material included on the web site and why that site was selected.
* Explanations of any modifications or customisations made on any sites. ( mention where 3rd party code or help was used eg myspace widgets )
* Discussion about how you have integrated various net services into your sites ( eg integrating the automatic inclusion of RSS feeds / flickr photos / delicious bookmarks / last fm music lists / you tube videos into your blog )


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