Semester 2 : Week 4 : Harnessing Networks

Leap past the buzzphrases ‘social software’, ‘citizen media’, peer to peer’ and ‘web 2.0’ to discover the sophisticated range of online tools freely available today, and how these can be harnessed for your own creative projects.

An overview of these tools and enabling technologies will be followed by creation of online accounts which can enhance the research, pre-production, production and distribution phases of creative projects. Participants will create their own personalised media delivery services, their own automated distribution mechanisms, and examine exemplar case studies of creative individuals and groups harnessing networked tools.

This Weeks Tasks :

TASK 1 : Sign up for a new blog @ You will be documenting your semester’s research here, doing tasks in it, adding media to it over the semester, and using it as a way of understanding how networks operate. Open your account and write an introductory post, explaining some of your research interests.

TASK 2 : Email your name and blog address to sean.healy @
( I will use these to generate a page which automatically shows blog updates from the entire class, a very useful way for seeing how media travels online. )

TASK 3 : Sign-up for RSS reader / add feeds ( for music production blogs, each others blogs, my blog ) (( What is rss? The BBC has a succinct explanation ofRSS feeds. Understanding feeds & the capacity to subscribe to automated updates from blogs, podcasts, videoblogs etc is necessary to grasp today’s internet. Explaining RSS in Plain English ( youtube video ) ))

TASK 4 : Sign-up for twitter, the flickr photo sharing site, and account ( which allows free publishing of both video and audio ).

We will be integrating these various online services into our blogs over the coming weeks.


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