Week 5 Blog Tasks

Write a 100 word blog post that includes 3 ( reference ) links that cover any of the following questions :

– What is the difference between a blog and a standalone web page?
– What different genres exist within blogging?
– Looking at a successful, popular blog – what techniques does it use that differentiate it from others in its field?
– What is an example of a successful Australian blog? ( Why do you consider it successful, and what is it good at? )

( Blog search engines : technorati, google )

Everyone should have covered by now :
– writing a blog post
– adding links to a blog
– embedding video and audio files from blip.tv

Covering the basics
– add an about page, and contact details
( What happens when someone visits your site? Where do they go to find out more about you, or to contact you? )

– The text widget allows you to add text to your sidebar. It also allows you to display images there, for those that know the html code for displaying images.
This could be used to display your contact details / basic ‘about the site’ info.
( see http://www.w3schools.com/html for HTML info )

– Add links to related topics in your sidebar
( This gives context to you and your site, as well as supporting those other sites, and letting those sites know yours exists and has referenced them. )

– Appearance
This part of the dashboard let’s you choose visual ‘themes’, and modify them to an extent. Depending on the theme you have chosen, the display headings can be modified. ( We will be exploring image manipulation in photoshop next week, so everyone should be able to have changed their visual heading by then).

Exploring the dashboard some more :

– Try uploading and displaying images within a blog post.

– Widgets ( that add features to your sidebar eg twitter posts / flickr photos / RSS feeds etc )
– Add a category widget to your sidebar. This will allow you to create a range of categories for your blog posts ( eg music, soundtracks, theory, business, humour, uni, etc ), and will give you and your readers easier ways to find relevant material.

The WordPress information site covers all the above in detail.


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