Week 5 : Blogs + That Assignment

Thanks to everyone who sent their blog address via email. The titles of posts from these can now be viewed in my sidebar on the right. ( How does this work? I copied the RSS address for each blog, into yahoo pipes, which generated this list of automatically updating blog posts. Then I copied the overall RSS address for that page, and added this to an RSS widget in the ‘Appearance’ section of my wordpress blog. )

To recap from last week: the multimedia files being submitted this week are being considered as ‘works in progress’.
At this stage, what is being assessed?
– an ability to publish everything online in the right format, and understand the correct online address for your work.
– the technical qualities of the work ( audio : recording levels, compression, volume, correctly exporting, and video: brightness, contrast, resolution, frame rate. )
– being able to express the ideas behind the work. ( 1500 words, preferably in your blog, otherwise sent via email )

Uploading @ Blip.tv
Last week we signed up for accounts with audio and video hosters blip.tv, who maintain an *excellent* overview of how to produce and export material suitable for publishing audio and video online. With media files prepared according to those guidelines, you are ready to upload. Clicking the upload button at the top of the blip.tv screen will take you through a few steps for uploading your file, which once uploaded, will be converted by blip, and given it’s own web address. From your wordpress blog, you can either link to the web address for that file, or you can choose the ’embed’ and ‘wordpress’ options available from just below and to the right of your media file. This will generate a short line of code which can be pasted into your blog post, and which will automatically include and embed a video player for you. Which looks like the picture below :

Other bonus blip features? Blip can be set up to allow your files to be subscribed to with itunes.

(( Note, the clip below is 640×480 – ideally clips should be 320×240 for publishing within blogs, so they don’t change the blog formatting, but I’ll leave this here for a while so you can see it as an example. ))

[blip.tv ?posts_id=959881&dest=-1]


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