Week 6 Photoshop

Photoshop And Image Manipulation
There are alternatives to Photoshop :
GIMP is a free photoshop alternative for mac, pc and linux.
– 10 free Web based alternatives to Photoshop, that allow manipulation, editing, resizing and exporting of your images via a web browser. ( That includes a link to Adobe’s own Photoshop express ).

However, Photoshop is an industry standard that is worth knowing, and any time spent learning it will be useful later in other software, as its interface conventions are taken on board by most software designers. It also integrates very well with video editing and animation software packages.

Breaking it down simply, we need to understand :
– photoshop’s interface and toolbox
– how to import images, and select parts of images
– how to adjust, re-size, combine, and composite images together
– how to include text
– how to export images in appropriate formats and sizes ( for the web or for print )

This week’s tasks :
1. Explore Photoshop’s interface, and make links to 3 different tutorials you found useful in a blog post.
2. Create a fake album cover. Size 450 x450 pixels. Format = jpg. Resolution = 2dpi. Size? Under 50kb. (TIP: When editing and manipulating, always work in a much larger image, for higher quality, then as the very last step, reduce this down to a small web friendly size.) The album cover should include image components from at least 3 different creative commons photos, and a text layer. Save for the web.
3. Post this image within a blog post, and include links to the 3 creative commons photos used.
4. Generate a list of images needed for your final project. List these in a blog post.

Photoshop Reference Guides
Aside from Photoshop’s built-in help menu ( far-right in the top menu bar ), there are an abundance of Photoshop tutorials to explore online. Below are a few of those, highlighted for their specific focus on the
Getting Started in Photoshop
Understanding Photoshop’s toolbox
Tutorial on Compressing Photoshop images for the Web

Wikiversity :Introduction to Photoshop, understanding the Photoshop workspace, the Introduction to the Photoshop toolbar, creating a new file.

Adedesign.net : Exploring the Photoshop tools and options, working with images, working with text.

UNC : Getting images into Photoshop, basic image editing, cropping, colour adjustments, selecting parts of images and working with layers, Image size, resolution and print size, saving for the web.

Taking Screenshots?
Screenshots can be a very useful way to illustrate a point, and on the mac, are made as simply as:
command + shift + 3 = whole screen
command + shift + 4 = screen portion ( click and drag the cursor hair to decide on portion )
This will then save a jpeg to the desktop, which should be compressed with Photoshop using the ‘save for web’ functions.

Copyright Creative Commons

Copyright law ( the right to copy ) means that to officially use media made by other people, you either need written permission of the copyright owner, or the media needs to have a creative commons licence. As aspiring media professionals, you are encouraged to start thinking about copyright within social media (i.e. flickr, YouTube, wikipedia, delicious, myspace, facebook etc), and the “free culture” ideologies of creative commons. Sometimes, there can be a real clash between observing copyright and sharing/re-mixing content.

About Creative Commons, and some explanatory videos.

Creative Commons images available for your projects:
Legally shared photos for use @ flickr? Do a search @ flickr.com, then click advanced search, then tick ‘creative commons‘ images.

Creative Commons sounds available for your projects:
The Freesound Project – tens of thousands of audio files for soundscapes. (Join for free, to download files).
CC Mixter – Creative Commons music – instrumentals, accapellas, remixes etc.
Archive.org – over 100,000 digital audio files for use.
Netlabels – “This collection hosts complete, freely downloadable/streamable, often Creative Commons-licensed catalogs of ‘virtual record labels’.”

Further Inspiration?

The internet is awash in photoshop contests which showcase a range of collage techniques. Collage techniques can also be taken to extremes in service of telling a story or conveying a mood. Some useful thoughts on visual composition.

Photographic composition ideas?

These helpfully titled tutorials: ‘You Suck At Photoshop’, explore a range of photoshop tools and tips as seen by an instructor in the midst of a relationship crisis.

photoshop tennis – click intro then follow through..
More photoshop tennis.

Photoshop Remix Competitions : Worth 1000, Photoshop Faceoff, Fark, Something Awful

The wikipedia entry on Photomontage.

Next Week :
– Bring photographs for cropping and manipulating within Photoshop.
– Bring components for the image files for your final assignment.

For Week 10 : Presentations on Innovative Online Sound Projects

During week 10 everyone will present a 5 minute explanation about a sound project which demonstrates some unique and innovative ideas. These might involve ideas about distribution, but also interesting ideas about research, collaboration, creation, feedback, funding and other ways of harnessing online networks. You will be able to use the projector to demonstrate the project, and should have a blog post which tries to answer these questions :

– What is innovative about this project?
– What network tools / ideas do they use, and how are they integrated?
– What networks are this project tapping into? How do they inter-relate, draw from, and feed into those networks?
– What are the limitations of this approach?
– How might some of these ideas be useful in other contexts?


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