Week 7 Photoshop

Week 6 Photoshop Task : Make a fake album cover
Where we covered :
– an introduction to the photoshop interface
– how to import images, and select part of images
– how to adjust, re-size, combine, and composite images together
– how to include text
– how to export images in appropriate formats and sizes ( for the web or for print )

This week’s task is to create an image that combines a head from one photo, and a body from another. So that we might see how different people respond to the same task creatively, we are going to use the same head – that of Rick Astley ( 80s pop singer re-riding the fame train recently through the rickrolling phenomenon ).
The aims behind this week’s task are to ensure everyone is familiar with :

– how to select parts of images, cut them out and paste as a new layer within other images
– understanding layers ( and their opacity and blending modes )
– adjusting scale and rotation of an image
– adjusting image brightness, contrast and colour balance ( for matching images )
– Using the clone tool, blur tool, and burn / lighten tools for fine adjustments of small areas
Exporting the image for the web, and as a separate editable document for later use.

Your final image should be 300 pixels high, 450 pixels wide, with a resolution of 72dpi, and should include references underneath to any creative commons licenced images used in its creation.


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