More About Podcasts

Audio published online in such a way that allows easy automated subscription.

[[ Or podcasting definition from wikipedia:
“A podcast is a series of digital media files, either audio or video, that is released episodically and downloaded through web syndication.” ]]

Podcasts need:
– audio files to publish
– a place to host the files online
– A Podcast address ( or Podcast Feed URL )
– code to automatically let podcast software know when you have published
( this can be provided by your host, provided by widgets, or hand written )
– a way of letting people know where your podcast address is, and how to subscribe. ( eg a link on your sidebar )

How to create a Podcast Feed URL?( a podcast subscription address )
– Most blogs already have RSS feeds. This means people with podcast software can use your blog RSS addresses to subscribe to your podcasts ( or mp3s posted on your blog ). Ideally this would be a separate RSS dedicated to mp3s, not an RSS feed which loads up all of your text posts as well.
Many podcasters get Feedburner accounts, to enhance the control they have over their podcast FEED URLs technicalities and monitoring of listener numbers etc.
– You can also use a service like Feed for All, to control publishing of podcasts with Feed URLs.

Hosting audio files?
Gcast, Odeo, is a great free service for hosting sound and music. They have listed a complicated process which allows audio to be hosted soundcloud, then linked to at a blog, and turned into a subscribable podcast using the process they describe.

The audience for podcast listening skyrocketed when Apple enabled podcast subscriptions inside itunes. A few steps are needed to make your podcast itunes compatible, and accessible to that large audience. See Apple’s guide to Podcasting ( very itunes specific ) can be used to start an itunes podcast ( guidelines here ).

And – how to use itunes to subscribe to podcasts.

Software for listening to Podcasts? miro

An enhanced podcast :
“…is a podcast multimedia format that allows images to be displayed in time with audio. This can be an effective way to present information such as lectures with a powerpoint-like slide show.

Enhanced podcasts also are able to present chapter markers in an audio file much like a DVD movie can allow users to jump to predetermined spots in a presentation. This can be helpful for longer audio presentations and audiobooks. The current drawback of enhanced podcasts is that they are not universally supported.”


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