Week 9 Video

Aye, this week we look at the wide world of video online. Again, it’s an introduction to ideas, rather than a comprehensive exploration, aimed to get you thinking about how you could approach or incorporate video with your work.

Understanding Video
Hopefully you covered decent ground about video in weeks 1-3. Here are a few links especially relevant to the online world:
codecs and compression
– deinterlacing video from DV cameras ( http://www.100fps.com/ )
– subscription ( itunes, fireAnt, Miro )
– blogging / video blogging ( what can online videomakers learn from bloggers? )
( Video blogging manifesto? )
La Jetee as example of how writing and photographs can make a great film. What does this mean for how you present text and image online? What could it mean? ( youtube version )

Using the Network
For Research:

– blogs about video / editing / the latest software / hardware

The del.icio.us.com social bookmarking service : and the tags video, editing, cinematography, video camera etc

TASK 1 : Find 3 video related blogs of relevance to your work, and create a link to a specific post from within each blog.
( ie not just a link to their blog overall )

For Collaboration And Feedback:
Open Source Cinema
– video blogging examples
– ABC Pool
– communities and networks – eg harnessing audiences within youtube / vimeo / blip.tv / videoblogging

For Production:
– skype interviews ( See http://bloggingheads.tv/ and also David Lynch’s Interview Project )
– remix?
See Illegal Art for a collection of curated videos which celebrate remixing and collage, and challenge notions of copyright
( see also DJ Food’s mammoth ‘Raiding the 20th century‘ audio mix which aims to catalogue the history of cut-up audio )
– second life interview series
– harnessing the audience ( eg star wars remake )
– data? Radiohead’s Data Melancholy
( other visualisations ) http://infosthetics.com/
– database art?Lev Manovich’s Soft Cinema
“Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees”
– Machinima?
( eg Make Love Not Warcraft )
– Interviews within games?
This Spartan Life

– mobile media

– bandwidth costs money
bit torrent shares the bandwidth costs amongst those downloading, enabling independent producers to scale up to suit really large audiences, without needing very expensive bandwidth.
Disney’s CEO, YouTube’s Founder, and Wired’s Editor Debate the Future of Monetizing Content

– custom embedding files to better control context ( using Quicktime code )

Task 2: Your blip.tv accounts
– update description / photo / links to blog. ( See ‘My Show’ eg http://blip.tv/prefs/details/ )
– Make image for blog sidebar, which advertises your blip.tv page. ( Insert image using text widget + HTML code for placing an image, and making an image a link )
– Enter Twitter details, so your Twitter account auto-updates when you publish a video or mp3. ( http://blip.tv/prefs/twitter/ ) ( Same is available for myspace and facebook etc in the distribution section )
– register blip account @ itunes if have an itunes account, which enables your ‘video podcast’ to be detected by itunes
( http://blip.tv/prefs/itunes/ )

Task 3 : Blog post – what are 5 possible video blogs you could create?
How might some of these take advantage of :
– portable recording devices, and easy spontaneous recording?
– production work you are already doing?
– your specialty areas of interest?
– your audience / networks / fans / friends


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