Week 11 Using Data + Video With Sound, In Performance + Installations

Week 11! This week, we’re looking at an overview of how sound and your sound skills can be integrated into installations, used within real-time video performances, and what opportunities are available for broadening the ways your skills can be used.

Aside from sound recording, sound production, sound performance, how else can your technical and creative sound skills be used?
– sound installations and interactive pieces
– audiovisual installations
– audiovisual performance

What Skills are needed?
– consideration of an audience
– non-linear or modular composition
– technical skills, or ability to express ideas clearly to a producer

Ideas, Hardware + Software for Installations:
– interfaces, data and user control
– data input : on/off switches and variable controls
– interactive or generative

– gestural devices and sensors ( mouse, touchscreen, wii controller, joystick, guitar hero, DDR mat etc )
midi and OSC ( protocols used for inter-machine communication )
– DIY electronics ( eg arduino ) + circuit bending
– motion detection / camera analysis

– patch based software eg max / msp. audiomulch / pure data
midi and OSC, and DMX ( mostly used for controlling lighting )
– VJ software and audio analysis software

Blog Post :

Link to two interesting sound installations / performances or instruments from these sites,
and explain what fascinates, and what ideas it triggers in relation to your own work ( past / present or future ).

http://www.clatterbox.org/instruments ( Catalog of unusual DIY musical instruments in Australia )
Australian based Real Time Arts magazine
Dorkbot Melbourne


Audiovisual Installations / Performance
What is video? television? cinema? the moving image?
How can visual signals be created + distributed today?
( capturing, mixing, controlling )
How does sound relate to this? In what ways can sound and video be synchronised?
– gestural user input
– software based input ( eg video software with audio analysis )
– midi and OSC
– Live video using VDMX and the Novation Nocturn midi controller.

Further info about Audiovisual technology and performance, including lots of links and clips.


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