Wed 14th : SMS Interactive Music Project

Maybe of interest to some?


“We have developed a system for audiences to control the texture and effects used by each musician during the performance. Audience members can send any of a pre-defined set of text messages to our computer system, which will then trigger that effect on our effects processor…. the sound of each performance is still controlled by the audience so how it sounds is up to you if you come along.”

“Another aim of our project was to make an easy to use system of SMS interaction for live performance and installation art. Our system triggers OSC signals on receipt of pre-defined text messages, OSC is a protocol understood by many live performance softwares. We are giving away all our hard work for free, so if you are interested in adding SMS interactivity to your work check out our technical page for downloads and detailed instructions.”

This Wednesday the 14th of October @ Stutter…
The SMS-Interactive Music (SIM) Project brings together a world class group of musicians and technicians to develop an improvised collaborative performance technique. This technique involves improvised musical performance, technology and the audience as co-collaborators.

By creatively subverting readily available computer hardware and mobile phone technology, matched with the skills of our musicians, we will bridge the divide between audience and performers. Our goal is to facilitate an open interaction that has a high level of musicianship, thereby creating a new musical experience.

Concept – Fred Rodrigues

Max MSP Wiz – Claire Herbert

Software Writer – Ankur Badwhar
Performers – Hirofumi Uchino AKA Defektro (self-made instruments), Kusum Normoyle (voice, electronics), Adrian Klumpes (keys, electronics), Abel Cross (bass, electronics), and the audience!
Find out more at:

Also performing on the evening will be::
SCOTT TINKLER (trumpet) / FINN RYAN (drums)
KUSUM NORMOYLE dj’ing between the acts!!


397 Little Lonsdale Street
$10 (full) + $5 (conc)
Stutter Myspazz



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