Concept Development Week 1

Welcome back!!
There’s an exciting semester ahead, but we’ve got three pretty simple aims in week one to start the ball rolling:

– give a course overview
– clarify assignment / inspire the picking of a good + challenging project
– get everyone *plugged in* – with blogs / RSS readers / delicious accounts / video + photo sharing sites / twitter

And Breaking That Down…
Hour 1

Introductions : 15-20 mins –
Go through the course document / clarify assignments
Examples of interesting projects: – the kutiman remix of youtube – the ‘sour’ webcam based music video – Journey to the end of coal – Advanced, but what ideas could be used from it?
La Jetee – by Chris Marker – example of photo & audio to tell a story. What web opportunities does this suggest? – examples of web documentaries ( esp say sonic memorials )
Interactive Narratives. ( Big compilation of..)

Conceptually? brainstorm what kind of projects could be developed.
Eg a choose your own adventure exploration, linking pages, photos and navigation.
a profile of Melbourne’s buskers?
a sonic tour of hidden places in Melbourne?
an artist profile, done in an interesting way that uses the web well?
behind the scenes glimpse for some creative project or event
collaborative remix project with others from around the world?

Questions to ask: How to select a good project?
Why is it interesting?
How does it relate to your main interests?
How does it fit with what you want / need to learn?
How does it fit with your artist or professional identity / or desired career trajectory?
Is it pushing your boundaries / stretching your abilities?
Is it feasible to achieve in the timeframe?

Hour 2
Setting Up Accounts ( In order of priority )
1 –
2 – an RSS reader ( explain RSS with video : Explaining RSS in Plain English ( youtube) )
– web based – google reader / see also for ‘prettier’ presentation of
– or desktop based (free) – mac – netnewswire or vienna / pc – feed demon
( to install desktop apps in the lab, create a new ‘apps’ folder on the desktop and download and install any software inside that, students dont have permission to install apps inside the computers application folder )
TASK: – subscribe to 5 relevant RSS sources, including the RMITmusic blog, and the RSS for the class ( at yahoo pipes )

3 – Get account ( social bookmarking explainer : )
Get Delicious add-on for Firefox:

TASK : Explore delicious –
Find 3 course relevant ‘tags’, 3 interesting ‘tags’, and 3 people on delicious who regularly collect good bookmarks. Copy the RSS address for each of these and subscribe to them in your RSS reader.
Add the RSS address for the tag ‘rmitmusic‘ to your RSS reader.

( see also : + )
4 – account
5 – audio account
6 – video account
7 – photo account

Hour 3
short video :
Overview of the 11 weeks. Brief look at HTML, w3schools, suggest readings to cover before week 3.
Talk about Project Management, and ideas to think about before WEEK 2 :
Identifying strengths and weaknesses
Identifying what you want to learn
Mapping a range of possible projects that would suit the above.


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