Week Two : HTML

Like architects learning about carpentry, today we dive into the world of
HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) : “a text and image formatting language used by web browsers to dynamically format web pages”.

This week:
What is the structure / syntax of HTML ( context, tags, elements etc ) ?
What does a simple page contain?
Once html files have been made, where do you put them? ( servers / how to upload / how do URLs work?)
Linking pages to one another.

Later :
Including images on pages, colour and design, using tables to format pages.

Tutorial Resources:
Your HTML Source

Creative Project. Shared research + feedback. Lots of online Participation.
Blog as reflective journal.

To enable shared research and learning, we need to have these steps in place:
– delicious account loaded, and delicious button in browser.
– google reader account + multiple subscriptions – including :
– the RSS feed for all the student blogs combined.
– the rmitmusic bookmarks @ delicious )

Bonus subscriptions:
– course or project relevant bookmarks @ delicious
– relevant tags @ flickr and vimeo
– other student blogs or bookmarks @ delicious
– relevant blogs

Got all that? Great! We’ll be using these a lot over the next few weeks, and some of the possibilities of networked learning should start to become obvious.



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