Writing for the Web

If as Marshall McLuhan argued, the medium is the message, it makes sense that anyone writing for the web would try to understand more about the web itself and what style of writing is best suited to it. Screen quality, screen size and software formatting each affect the way we read on the web, and correspondingly, we need to alter our structure, tone and style to suit.

Below – a variety of links that explore what it means to write online. Browse these and take onboard a few points from them, when writing a blog post that summarises your ideas so far about the Final Project.

Writing links
Why should you include links?
Writing link text.

More about writing link text.

Kottke on writing vs editing.

How to be a good ‘linkblogger‘.

Misc writing for web links
yourhtmlsource – on writing for the web
And yet another article titled writing for the web..

Blog Checklist:
Does your blog have each of these elements?

– An about page on your sidebar? ( Or about text – using the text widget )
– An altered tagline ( ie it should not say the default ‘Just another wordpress blog’ )
– Have you successfully inserted an image into a blog post?
– Do you have your own custom header graphic?
– Do you have at least 5 links to others, in your sidebar? ( Why do this? )
– Have you edited / deleted the initial default ‘Hello World’ post?
– Is your blog included in the Yahoo Pipes compiled list of class blogs?
( If not, send your blog address to get added )



4 Responses to “Writing for the Web”

  1. fckyeahartrock Says:

    Hi there. Just thought I’d drop a comment on here to apologise for not being in class today, before I head back to bed with a box of codral.

  2. Week 3 : Creativity In Networks « Rmitmusic09’s Blog Says:

    […] Rmitmusic09’s Blog « Writing for the Web […]

  3. andrewisrad Says:

    Can you add my blog to the roll.


  4. Week 2: Research Checklist « Rmitmusic Blog Says:

    […] Please ensure your blog covers all of the points mentioned in this checklist. […]

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