Recent Musical Musings

Scanning the group blog posts in the group RSS feed, shows that the blogs are finally starting to get rolling. A few sample posts that caught my eye below:
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We might be looking at software and online networks a lot this semester, but that doesn’t stop anyone getting their hands dirty. Want to learn more about building crash test dummy heads for your project? Try Mr.Bardley’s blog : Meanderings Over Crash-Tests.

Meliki seems keen on exploring a choose your own adventure and map approach to her project.

Apparently, the “The Internet just got a whole lot better” for EN-VY.

Rcarneli notes “Lupe Fiasco + others are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity”, which my mum is going to do later in the year too. ( Apparently it takes 6 days to climb, and the last 400m takes 4 hours because of the lack of oxygen at that altitude, and is also undertaken at night with helmet-lights, to ease the effort. )

And while we’re at it, the number of bookmarks at delicious, using the tag ‘rmitmusic‘ is slowly on the increase too. A few sites I’ve learnt about through the RSS Feed for that tag in google reader :

Open Culture + Good-Tutorials,



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