To Do For Week 4

1. Project Management and Ideas Blog post:
If you haven’t already, write a short post on your blog about your Final Project using Six Thinking Hats and/or the following checklist:

* A brief outline and description of your project
* A Project plan and timeline (in other words, a to-do list with dates)
* What are you trying to achieve with your project?
* How and what are the strategies you will use to achieve you project aims?
* What are you project’s strengths? What will you do to harness these?
* Weaknesses? What will you do to overcome these challenges?
* Who is your project’s target audience?
* How will you evaluate and learn from your project

2. RSS exercise:
Select three blogs covering different topics *relevant to your creative project in some way*, which look likely to present new content fairly frequently. Subscribe to their main RSS feed(s). Then read these blogs for a week, through your RSS reader, as well as reading the sites directly through your preferred Web browser. Write up your observations at your blog, in at least two posts (one or more during the week of reading; one conclusion at the end). What changes did you observe over time in tone or voice? What sorts of social, technical or economic aspects did you notice?


One Response to “To Do For Week 4”

  1. vinnysrmitblog Says:

    Hey there, will remind you in class tomorrow but my URL is incorrect on Pipes, its

    Also if you did not get my email I will be 30 minutes late for class tomorrow because of an appointment.

    Thanks, Vinny

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