Week 3 : Creativity In Networks

Research. Creativity. Tools and techniques. Project Management. Critical Analysis.

Week 3 sees us exploring what happens when the network intersects with all of the above. As mentioned in Week 1, we want to move past the view of the internet as a ‘dumping ground’ for media files, as merely a destination for publishing. Specifically then, we’ll look this week at how our creative projects can be enhanced by engaging with the network, at the stages of research and production ( including collaboration and feedback).

The following question ( as recently posed @ the SXSW interactive festival) is a useful reminder of the speed of change with communications media online:

What do you see as the breakout media related technology of 2010?

This is what the Wisdom of the Crowd believed on the matter.

How do we make sense of these technologies?
twitter? foursquare? Chat roulette? Spimes? Stickybits?

To start, we’ll examine what a network is, through the ideas of :
Marshall McLuhan: “the medium is the message
and Henry Jenkins: participatory culture / convergence culture / spreadable media / stickiness + spreadability

Getting more specific, if we focus just on blogging, this can be very useful for helping us understand how many different kinds of present and future networked forms of media might operate. We’ll dive into the above linked post in more detail after the break, but for now, a task :

Write one blog post comparing and contrasting the ideas of McLuhan and Jenkins in regards to networks and popular culture.
-Include at least 3 links to material relevant to your argument, include one quote ( using the block quote tool in the wordpress engine ).
-Make one of your links a verb, and one a noun. ( Remember writing for the web? )
-Include a relevant creative commons image from flickr in your post.



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