Network Research + Production Sites

Below are a range of projects that look beyond the network as a location for publishing / distribution, and a range of tools that can be used to enhance our :

– research
– production ( including collaboration + feedback )

Have included a few research tasks below, please share any fruits of your explorations to your blog and delicious accounts, so the whole group can discover them.

Research Examples:

Using the network for research?
delicious / stumble upon / and other social bookmarking sites
citeulike – a more scholarly social referencing / bookmarking site.
open source? the lazy web? crowdsourcing?

[ Research task : Find and subscribe to ( using RSS ) – 3 relevant forums / bulletin boards related to your research interests. ]

Production Examples:

Using the network for production?
Bountiful online tools exist for production, some being convenient utilities, others offering unique ways to remotely collaborate with groups or individuals. A few of these include :

aviary: Browser based Photo-editing, logos, web templates, filters, color palettes, screen capture, audio editing & more : Online music mixing application – Check out their impressive list of features in the sidebar.

skype : ( screensharing options for comparing software production notes / techniques / debugging. Voice chat, audio recording. )

online jamming : + ? ( Allows comments on specific parts of audio timelines, makes for easy file sharing. And many more musician-friendly features. See Intro video)

Other online tools : compression tools? media file conversion tools? file management + file sharing? co-writing?

Creative Commons media files for re-use : eg

sound : (mostly musical sounds ) Freesound (atmospheric, FX and musical sounds)

[ Research task : develop a list of at least 5 such sites ]

images : flickr creative commons collection // wikipedia’s list of public domain image resources

video : ( huge collection of audio and video work available for re-use )

Combining text and audio or graphics? Numerous sites exist that facilitate easy creation and embedding of multimedia content.
slideshare ( How might this be utilised within your final project? )
text + audio + button to publish = auto generated and published animated movie
templates for generating comics?

Examples of Collaboration + Feedback :
remix projects : /
blog networks
twitter / facebook / myspace

[ Research task : find examples of creative projects that use tagging in an interesting way to facilitate group involvement / participation.]

Publishing + distribution :

social networks
media storage sites
bookmarking services
twitter ( eg Amanda Palmer’s success stories… ) ( self-publishing print on demand models ) ? ( Allow people to ‘scrobble’ their listens of your music )
hype machine? ( What does this reveal about the blog network? )
bandcamp? ( options for easily offering digital or even vinyl versions for sale, at variable pricing, quality etc )
creative commons networks / media libraries ? ( What are the benefits of contributing your material – in components or final pieces – to these networks? )

[ Research task : Find 3 examples of online publishing / distribution that utilise online tools in a clever or unique way. ]


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