Week 5: Layers, Media + Digital Storytelling on the Web

This week’s menu?

– Intro video :  Rushkoff on programming or being programmed ( More context )
– Network Literacy: What is possible on the web? What is unique about the web?
– Digital Storytelling ( Examples : Places We Live, Iron Curtain Diaries, David Lynch’s Interview Project, Hyperlife )
– Editing for the web (modularity of text, Kuleshov effect, Hitchcock on Kuleshov, the link as edit ( see also )

– Combining layers of media ( text, image, audio, video ) ( McCloud on comics, and image-text relationships )

2 x Tasks :

1 x blog post about film + sound, and what this can mean for sound design for the web.

1 x HTML photo sequence exercise, referencing Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. Northampton, MA: Kitchen Sink Press, Inc., 1993.

Other Course Notes :

First assignment is due during class next week ( ie attendance is necessary to get a mark ). ( See course guide for more information. )

Final assignment is now due Friday June 4th by 5pm.

Read the RMIT official policy on plagiarism if you haven’t already. See also the RMIT student guide to plagiarism. We will also be covering this in more detail in a later week on copyright and Intellectual property.


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