Week 5 : Task About Sound + Film

Read one of the following articles about the relationship between film and sound and list 3 ideas they generate, for how you might treat sound design for a website. ( This doesn’t necessarily have to be about your current project. ) List 3 principles / ideas to consider when marrying image and sound, and where possible extrapolate on what this might mean for web design. Write this up as a blog post including links to the articles referenced.

Randy Thoms – Designing for Sound
”  What I propose is that the way for a filmmaker to take advantage of sound is not simply to make it possible to record good sound on the set, or simply to hire a talented sound designer/composer to fabricate sounds, but rather to design the film with sound in mind, to allow sound’s contributions to influence creative decisions in the other crafts.”

Sounds of Illusions, sounds of moving images by Sven E Carlsson.

Theory of the Film: Sound by Bela Balazs.

An Introduction to Film Sound by Jane Knowles Marshall :
“Though we might think of film as an essentially visual experience, we really cannot afford to underestimate the importance of film sound. A meaningful sound track is often as complicated as the image on the screen. The entire sound track is comprised of three essential ingredients: the human voice, sound effects and music”

Or anything by Walter Murch, because he’s Walter Murch.


2 Responses to “Week 5 : Task About Sound + Film”

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