Week 6 Assignment Expectations

Next week we’ll be having presentations ( 20% of your final mark ). The idea behind this is to ensure everyone has thought through their project, has acquired the technical skills for building and uploading their pages, and is considering the timeline for finishing it. What we’ll expect then:

– A brief oral presentation, explaining what your site is. ( Presume your audience knows nothing about it, and think about why they would like to visit it based on what you tell them. )

– An example starting page for your site.

– A timeline for the rest of semester ( published as a .html page, or a blog post ), shown briefly to the group.

Your final project will likely be mostly comprised of text and images, but at least some time based media needs to be included ( eg sound and/or video ).You should mention in your presentation how you plan to integrate audio or video, and in your timeline – how you intend to produce it.


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