Creative Commons, And A Remix Task

Lessig also founded Creative Commons, an alternate copyright systems that seeks to enable a legal framework for re-using and remixing media, while still protecting the rights of creatives.
5 minute video introduction to Creative Commons )

Some sound-related CC sites:

  • collaborative database of CC-licensed sounds
  • CC Mixter: A community music site featuring remixes where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with CC-licensed music
  • Freeloops: CC site for audio loop files
  • : Huge library of public domain audio, public uploads, net labels and more.

A One Hour Remix Challenge:

  • If you haven’t already, register with
  • Download 5 different samples and create your own song or soundtrack out of these samples. Remember, you need to present your own self-created audio within your Final Project, so you could try and make this track relevant if you wish.
  • License your track using the Creative Commons license of your choice
  • Finally, upload your CC-licensed track to your blog, to Freesound (and notify the contributors about your mix), and post it on soundcloud and/or ccMixter. ( Include links to the creators of the samples you’ve used. )
  • If you don’t complete this today, finish off this task at home
  • Bonus task: contact one of the creators of remix/sound/music from ccMixter or whose work you particularly like. Start a dialogue (blog, email etc) and document this on your class blog.

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