Critically Thinking About Networks

First, A Re-Cap
Let’s re-examine what we’ve been exploring within social media. And we’ll follow up that discussion, with some research, which we’ll monitor through our delicious network and group blog posts, subscribed through with RSS.

Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody ( and who teaches a course named “Social Weather”) delivered a TED talk about the promise of social media. But what of the threats? Danah Boyd speaks of privacy issues around Facebook. What other issues abound within social media? Beyond dystopian and utopian views, what are prominent online issues that are especially relevant for musicians today?

Show Me The Money
How do web economics fit in with the above mentioned privacy issues, copyright issues, with netiquettes and social media?

Task –
If you were hosting your own website at an ISP, and placed google advertising on your page, how many viewer visits would you need to pay for your annual hosting and domain name costs?

This will involve some research…
( how much does hosting cost per year? how much does a domain name cost per year?
how much does a google ad pay? )
and then some maths…

Publish your research + results as a blog post.

Further Discussion :
Bandwidth / Open Source / peer to peer / free software / crowdsourcing / hotlinking /

Leveraging The Network
SoundCloud : on using the network for more than just distribution..

Next Week : Excursion ( and manifestoes.. )


Monday May 24 from 6:30PM
Clemenger BBDO Auditorium,
NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Enter North Entrance, via Arts Centre forecourt
Duration: One and a half hours
Price: Free

[ We will attend class from 4-5.30, discuss art + the manifesto, and what this might mean for how social media can be approached today, then head off to the lecture… ]


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