Clarifying Assessment For Semester One

Due Date : Monday June 7th, 5PM

Submission : Send an email with:
– Full student name
– student number
– 1 x URL for blog ( eg )
– 1 x URL for delicious account ( eg )
[ These two sites will be used to measure your participation, alongside your in-class participation. ]
– 1 x Project URL ( eg )
– 1 x URL for Final Essay ( eg )
– At the bottom of your email, Include the text from this Statement of authorship form, which states you are not plagiarising, or breaking copyright.

Final Project Marking Criteria :
See course guide document.
It is expected that in addition to text and photos, at least some time-based media will be embedded. ( audio and/or video )
Any media used will be referenced, and if the copyright is owned by others, permission will be stated. ( See RMIT on copyright for the web )


2 Responses to “Clarifying Assessment For Semester One”

  1. christoli Says:

    Sean, can you give the exact email address that we could send you that email here??

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