Design Studio Week 1

Welcome to week one of Design Studio – where we’ll be getting to know everybody, clarifying the (course document ) and assignments, then setting the foundations for an exciting semester. At the end of it, we’ll have explored a vast range of online software and services, engaged in many online communities, and some of us might have been broadcast on ABC radio. Below are a few interesting projects to get us thinking about what ways we could be working within the online environment: – the kutiman remix of youtube – the ‘sour’ webcam based music video – Journey to the end of coal – Advanced, but what ideas could be used from it?
La Jetee – by Chris Marker – example of photo and audio to tell a story. What web opportunities does this suggest? – examples of web documentaries ( esp say sonic memorials )
Interactive Narratives. ( Big compilation of..)

Sign Up For Accounts At These Sites: – our blogging system of choice. ( Their detailed ‘how to use‘ instructions are worth a read / bookmarking ). – where our audio will be hosted. – where our images will be hosted. – where our video will be hosted.
ABC POOL – an ABC hosted site for remixing images, audio and video. Once joined, join the Design Studio group inside POOL.
( And have a look at the Lost Places project, which our assignments will be loosely based around. )

Task for Week 1:
Write a blog post in your new blog, and include direct links to your various accounts.
Add a link to the ABC POOL Lost Places page, and mention a list of ideas for potential soundscapes.

First up, some useful tips and shortcuts for using the macs in the lab.
– For those new to apple computers, some ‘switching’ tips and tutorials.
– Have a browse through the tutorial site.

For Week 2 : Social Media and Writing for the Web
Each week nominated for reading will appear in the reading list on the sidebar ( direct link ).
For next week, we’ve got a piece by Henry Jenkins looking at the new media landscape, and the Yahoo guide to writing for the web.


2 Responses to “Design Studio Week 1”

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