Adopting A Blog

TASK: Choose a blog that you will research and explore every week, until week 10, where you will give a brief presentation about the blog. Write a brief blog post, explaining why you have chosen the blog.

When choosing a blog to focus on over the next few weeks, keep in mind some of the points raised during week 3’s blog discussions.

Ideally, by closely examining one blog in particular over a length of time, you will develop more specific ideas about what makes that blog successful, what kinds of innovations and features it employs, and will better understand the relationship it has with the wider web.


One Response to “Adopting A Blog”

  1. Adopt a Blog Presentations « crystal rainbow pyramid Says:

    […] a Blog Presentations Today presentations were made for the adopt a blog assignment. I chose the music blog “The Tape Is Not Sticky” to follow for the past few […]

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