Week 5: Images And Design

Over to our eyeballs this week, broken down three ways:
1. introduction to visual design and composition
2. intro to photoshop and image manipulation
3. workflow / paths for integrating audio with images and video

Visual Design And Composition?
Below are a range of links exploring principles related to visual design. Using the Flickr Creative Commons search engine, find 3 examples of images that strongly demonstrate some of the principles mentioned. Embed these images in your blog ( how to embed images in blog ), taking care to note the original authors and linking back to the original location of the images ( how to include links ).

Some Ideas About Composition and Design Elements, Principles, and Visual Effects
Rules of Composition for Landscape Photography
Composition and the elements of visual design.
Elements and principles of design
Framing your shots
visual weight in a photograph.
composition in painting.
The meaning of colour
Colour theory – and practical colour considerations for web palettes

Introducing Photoshop and Image manipulation
This is just a quick tour, an introduction – taking in layers, blending modes, how to add text, how to select and remove portions of an image, pixel dimensions, file formats and exporting for the web. There are plenty of tutorials online for exploring photoshop. Or free alternatives to photoshop. Or free web-based alternatives to photoshop.

Photoshop TASK: Create custom header graphic, and a graphic for the sidebar of your blog.
A custom header graphic can be added if your wordpress theme supports it. (How to upload your custom header )
How to measure pixels using the ‘MeasureIt’ Firefox browser extension. 

Integrating Audio, Images and Video?
Creating graphics for sidebar / final project? Creating graphics for video titles?
Ideas about music visualisation: Try the Centre for Visual Music, the Visual Music Archive, A History of Colour and Sound.

Workflow and pathways for visual production?
Photoshop is good for manipulating bitmap based images.
For vector images – Illustrator is the industry standard, but alternatives exist.
Editing video: Final Cut Pro / Premiere / Vegas ( Good for loop based audiovisual material – the link leads to a Cold Cut (Ninjatune, UK) Masterclass on using Vegas and Ableton to make audiovisual material for live performance. )
After Effects ( post production – ie more advanced compositing and special effects )
Live performance and installations?
VJ software? Resolume, VDMX. Quartz composer is software included free on recent Apple machines, which can be used to program complex visual compositions and effects.
This software can also be triggered by midior OSCprotocols – which means a sequencer like Ableton live can be used to trigger video clips or visual effects. OSC is also used to run video apps from an iphone or an ipad.

More advanced visual tools?
processing( “an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas” ), and vvvv
max msp ( jitter ) / maxforlive, pure data ( a free alternative to max, created by the founder of max )
More advanced compositing tools ( for heavier post production work : Flame, Nuke )
Specialist web design visual tools tend to involve working with code such as HTML and CSS.

Week 6 Reading:


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