Recent Blog Posts And Queries

Via the Design Studio blog collection, there are a few recent blog posts of note.

Thomas Lutrov talks about the Shining soundtrack as an inspiration for creating his abandoned mental asylum soundscape. Rocco Rosso composts a few images, Thomas Cransky references a few visual principles within photographs ( well referenced, including links to the authors. (Would you like people to be able to click through and find you, if your CC licenced work was published elsewhere?) ), Nick offers a few striking photographs ( well linked and referenced. Also note the flickr photos in sidebar ), SiBlog analyses some photographs ( and although well referenced, no links back to author’s page), Oli publishes some photos relevant to their soundscape idea ( but doesn’t attribute the authors ) and MaddG notes: “After class and learning all about creative commons, I am still a bit confused about how we are supposed to reference work that falls under creative commons?”

The answer to that is in the Creative Commons FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) list… ( scroll to the bottom for ‘How do I properly attribute a Creative Commons licenced work?‘ ).

And a few people have started writing about their ‘Adopted Blogs‘ – ideally these should not be blogs you already read, but offer a challenge to dissect and learn from over the next 5-6 weeks. Either way, in week 10, there will need to be a critical analysis of the blog that goes beyond “I really like this blog, it’s really cool” – and explores the principles, ideas and techniques that the blog employs. With the benefit of viewing the blog closely over 5 or 6 weeks, what habits have you noticed? What regular features does the blog have? How does it change over time? Where does it draw a lot of it’s news from? Who do they link to most often? What kinds of online social interactions do they take advantage of?

Josh is examining ( also note: need to delete generic tagline. need to change background copyrighted image )

Tyson is analysing ‘Who The Bloody Hell Are They? ( no blogroll or links in sidebar yet / about page leads to generic text rather than info about author )

MaddG is critiquing Gorilla vs Bear ( Has ‘about text’, but lacking blogroll / links. )


One Response to “Recent Blog Posts And Queries”

  1. tysonyeo Says:

    Thanks for the heads up – I’ve now added some updates to my blog and will continue to do so as i get the hang of it!

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