Soundscape Submissions This Week ( Updated )

A few people have asked about the soundscape submission this week, so let’s break it down into point form. Here’s what you need to submit:

Email your tutor the URL of a blog post ( ie – not just )

Within this blog post, there should be an embedded soundscape, using the soundcloud player. ( How to embed the soundcloud player in wordpress ) This means you need to upload your soundscape to soundcloud. Remember to specify your work as creative commons licence when uploading to Soundcloud. ( See the Soundcloud CC search engine and other CC news ). You should also use at least 3 tags to describe your soundscape, when uploading to soundcloud.

[[ Update: Soundcloud seems to be undergoing some issues this week. If experiencing upload issues, they have some recommendations to try, such as their desktop based uploaders (Note: software can be installed on the RMIT machines, if you install it on the desktop… students don’t have admin permission to install software within the applications folder). And for what it’s worth – I just uploaded a track successfully from home, using their cloudpost app. ]]

List the authors of any Creative Commons sounds used – at your POOL, soundcloud and blog posts. This honours the ‘attribution’ aspect of the CC licence. Ideally you should also link back to where those sounds were found.

Your blog post should contain a link to the POOL page where your soundscape is uploaded. The POOL page for your soundscape should include some explanatory text, and a photo or graphic, and your soundscape should be submitted to both the Lost Places and the RMIT_Music_Industry_DesignStudio2010 groups. You should also include at least 3 tags that describe your soundscape. ( The POOL help page for uploading)

And finally, your blog post should contain a link to your 1000 word essay ( which can be published as a separate blog page ). ( Explore the library for books on essay writing help, or try these online tutorials for sharpening your essay. RMIT Referencing Guides. refresher? )

– At the bottom of your email, paste in the text from this Statement of authorship form, which states you are not plagiarising, or breaking copyright.


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