What makes digital storytelling unique?

Anna asks: “What makes digital storytelling unique?  How does editing work in these stories?” And points to a useful summary of
Elements to a Digital Story :

1. The Overall Purpose of the Story
2. The Narrator’s Point of View
3. A Dramatic Question or Questions
4. The Choice of Content
5. Clarity of Voice
6. Pacing of the Narrative
7. Use of a Meaningful Audio Soundtrack
8. Quality of the Images, Video & other Multimedia
9. Economy of the Story
10. Good Grammar and Language Usage

It’s worth noting, that the above list is for a story – and our assignment ( recreate a sense of lost place ) is also very suited to more abstract expressions, and setting of atmosphere. That said, it’s still hopefully a useful list to provoke ideas about how your piece can be developed.

The above ideas also relate very well to a short film or video piece, but – how do they relate to a digital media production that seeks to utilise the web in an interesting way? How might these ideas relate to the framing, the production and the presentation of your final projects? ( Given that your final project can contain a 1 minute video file, images, text and (multiple?) pages made in the side of your blog.) Figuring out ways that all of the components of your project can work together, really helps a project shine.


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