Introduction to Final Cut Pro

For the next three weeks we will be exploring Final Cut Pro as a tool for editing video. In parallel to learning it’s technical functions, we will also be touching on other video production ideas:
– what are some of the basic shots in a vocabulary of video?
– how does editing work?
– what is the context of online video publishing today? ( what is possible?)
And today:

– history and background to video editing
– FCP media management
– setting up projects in FCP
– setting up / personalising your FCP workspace
– understanding the interface in FCP
– Bringing assets ( media files ) into FCP
– Basic editing in FCP

This week’s task:

Find 3 potential videos from POOL for use in your final project.
Download these to your desktop and import into FCP.
Explore editing a sequence together, using some of the shots referenced in this video.

Week 8:
– Using text and subtitles
– Transitions between shots
– effects
– animating and compositing still images ( with still images and video )
– understanding layers

Week 9
– Compression and exporting for the web
– Video context on the web
– Utilising social media for research and production


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