Week 7 : Online Video Horizons

“Look at that lamp across the room. Now look back at me. Look back at that lamp. Now look back at me again. Do you see what you did? You blinked. Those are cuts. After the first look, you know that there’s no reason to pan continuously from me to the lamp because you know what’s in between. Your mind cut the scene. First you behold the lamp. Cut. Then you behold me.”

– interview excerpt from director John Huston, quoted in Walter Murch’s ‘In the Blink of An Eye’ (p60).

“Hello Australia. Look at your Parliament, now back to me.  Sadly, it isn’t me, but it is hung like me”

– parody of the @oldspice character, by @MinimalMs, Aug 22, 1010.

What is video in the context of today’s media environment? Or ‘what new cinema poetics emerges out of this social context?’ Funny you ask, Will Luers had exactly the same question, in his journal article ‘Cinema Without Show Business: a Poetics of Vlogging‘. (Vloggers / video bloggers have been asking these questions a while now – eg videoblogging manifesto ( 2007))
To help develop our own answers to those questions, we can recap on what we’ve been covering in the last 6 weeks-
– Social Media, Writing for the web, blogging, copyright, remixing, intellectual property, images and design, editing.
How do these things fit together? Why have we been doing this? What is to come next in the course? What are some of the ways these ideas could be used outside of the classroom?

What can web video be?

eg screencast / pop-up window / full screen / interactive / annotated / subtitled / framed with graphics / juxtaposed / multi-screened?

multi-framed video examples : youtube doubler, you3b, hdadd.com, yooouuutuuube.com, youcube, thriller accapella
multi-frame compositional work by steve hoskins
Split Screen is a weblog dedicated to the art of the split screen and multi-layered visuals, as seen in movies, music videos, commercials and other media based on moving images.
In Bb 2.0 is a “collaborative music and spoken word project” from Darren Solomon.

Four Eyed Monsters : Indy feature film by a pair of twenty somethings, harnessing every available online tool to build audiences for their work.

A Swarm Of Angels : A film being made and funded by a ’swarm’ all over the world.
Transient by Anders Weberg is a film that exists only in peer to peer networks, the author having deleted the original.

Moving image theorist, Lev Manovich’s webpage. He has also made ‘Soft Cinema‘ – a DVD exploring the ‘aesthetics of density’, available in the RMIT library.

Episode based video online? rocketboom.comBoing Boing TVauto-tune the newsThe return of ‘ask a ninja’ and This Spartan Life, a talk show set inside an online computer game.

“When other gamers join the game and don’t know they shouldn’t be shooting at his guests, Damian is sadly forced to revert to his old lethal self and clear the map of these brutes with their curt utterances and barbaric tactics. But once the fighting is done and the guests are blue in the face, the fine Solid Gold Elite Dancers are there to shake their avatars to the latest chiptune music.”


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