Week 8: Video Composition and Research

In our second week exploring video production, we’re going to look at composition techniques – these include blending layers together, resizing video and photos, as well as video effects, transitions and text layers.

First up, some planning ( for both your final video, and your final essay ).

Using this guide to storyboarding, sketch out a quick plan for your final video. (Some storyboard templates to print out if you wish.)
From this storyboard, describe:
– a list of shots you will need
– a list of visual techniques you will have to learn about.
– what your opening and closing shots will be ( & why they suit your place / themes )

(See also, Hitchcock, an interesting storyboarding application for the iphone.)

Research Task:
Identify relevant theory, concepts and ideas useful for you to research for your final essay. These should be ideas about video or about audiovisual relationships, not just production techniques. (If you need, read up on building an academic essay argument, and how to properly reference within an essay.)

Explore the entry page for the RMIT library ( or the library guide to resources for film and television, fine art and visual arts or sound) and identify potentially useful sources.

(See also, google scholar )

Video Task: A short experimental video – ideally finished during class time.
Set up a new Final Cut Pro project using these project settings.
Pick a 1 minute soundscape by another student (Browse the collection at The Design Studio POOL page). Import it into FCP, and place on your timeline.
Download one video from ABC POOL and import this into Final Cut Pro.
Re-cut the video and experiment with it, making a one minute video.
Include at least one example of each of the following:
– a video effect
– a transition between two clips
– text overlay
– composition techniques ( layering / blending and/or resizing video/images )
– speed changes

Export the video using these export settings, and upload the video to your vimeo account, and to the ABC POOL site (include a reference to the POOL creator of the video you used).
Publish the vimeo video within a blog post ( instructions on embedding vimeo within wordpress ), and include links to the ABC POOL video and the soundcloud clip used.


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