Feedback on Soundscape Assignments

Everyone should’ve received email feedback about soundscape assignments by now (if you haven’t email me asap). Soundscape productions veered from competent at a minimum, through to lushly detailed, and were in general, technically satisfying. The soundscapes that provided a more stimulating and engaging minute of listening, tended to have accompanying essays which reflected some level of research into ideas around soundscapes – not just how they can be recorded, but investigations about composition, choreography, dynamics over time, the psychology of listening and more.

Interesting Soundscapes:
Lake Learmonth – for good use of panning, mixing, sense of space.
Isle of Wight Hotel – interesting use of voice..
Au Go Go records – good sense of spatial exploration over time.
Beach House – Nice transitions, and nice use of text overlay on photo to give personality to a space..
The Pump Shed – subtle use of music to enhance and amplify a mood.

Interesting Essays:
A local pool… – referencing the idea of ‘keynotes’ and ‘sound signals’…
Lake Learmonth – how recorded spaces colour the final sound.
The Pump Shed – including interviews, and an attempt to reflect on broader meanings.

For the Final Video Project then..
This is 50% of your semester’s mark, so please re-read the course document ( many people didn’t cover the basic requirements of the assignment / brief). That will be broken down like this:

25/50 = Essay ( Evidence of theory research, bibliography )

12.5/50= Video ( Editing, composition ideas, appropriate visualisation of theme, audiovisual relationships)

12.5/50= Web context ( ie the wordpress ‘page’, use of image, text, links, separate pages, to create context and depth.)


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