Adopted Blogs..

An eclectic bunch of blogs were reviewed by Tuesday’s Design Studio:
Gorilla Vs Bear
Hipster Runoff
Bats Magazine ( Brisbane )
Comb Your Hezaire
Stuff White People Like
A Schooner of Science
The Tape is Not Sticky
The Culture of Me
Things Bogans Like ( Bogan Wedding Vow Generator, anyone?)
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead

And Monday’s Design Studio Collection :

The Spotlight Report
TYM Guitars
Total Deathcore
20 Jazz Funk Greats
Singing Tips
Househunt Victoria
Digital Origami
Freezer Burns
The Sartorialist
White Noise

Blog De Maca


One Response to “Adopted Blogs..”

  1. thoughts following blog presentations « SIBLOG Says:

    […] studio related by simonwood44 — Leave a comment September 29, 2010 in the aftermath of monday’s blog presentations – i formulated a few thoughts and ideas about the success and features that the blogs we covered […]

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