WEEK 12 – Here Comes Summer

Incredibly, the semester seems to have flown almost completely by. To round out the course, and to suggest some potential areas of research for last minute blog posts, I thought it’d be useful for us to imagine it’s 2015.

Maybe you are employed within a media based company.
Maybe you are producing your own large creative project.

To best harness the internet and mobile media in 2015, what skills and areas of knowledge will you need?

What areas could you be researching now, to build towards that knowledge?
What areas of online activity are good indicators of future media directions?
What technical / social / economic / historical aspects of online media do you need to know more about?
( Exploring some of these research areas would make great blog post topics. )

Suggestions from Monday’s class?
artificial intelligence / machinic world dominance
podcasting ( What is it? How does it work? Who are the key players?
privacy / online identity
web 3.0 ? the semantic web
demographics / consumption patterns / sociological research
RSS – ( RSS in plain english video / BBC on RSS )
HTML5 – Learn HTML or learn HTML5.

Other options for research?
Location based mobile media – eg foursquare / facebook places / QR Codes / twitter GPS / iphone apps
Mobile media platforms? iphone / android / RIM / upcoming windows mobile platform?
Twitter is an interesting application to examine as it can simultaneously be a personal communicator, a broadcaster, a research tool, a group chat tool and it’s different uses continue to grow, despite it’s simplicity. Some of these uses ( eg group participation with hashtags ) can be seen more easily by using a twitter app such as tweetdeck, than by using the main twitter site. There are also lots of 3rd party twitter based services that add value to it. Eg TWTRoulette allows a glimpse into how other people use twitter – by showing the collected messages of all the people they subscribe to.
Copyright and Intellectual property? ( How could that *possibly* affect musicians in the next few years? )
Social bookmarking? eg delicious ( .. in plain english ), or Citeulike – ‘a free service for managing and discovering scholarly references’. Zotero is another popular academic social bookmark tool with Firefox plug-in, and screenshot saving ability and capacity to automatically generate bibliographies.
Virtual communities? Online activism? Peer to peer technologies? Etc

Enjoy the sunshine…


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