Week 1 for Concept Development, 2011

Welcome to the very first academic week of the year. We have a lot planned for Concept Development, so you’ll be needing to familiarise yourself with the course guide as soon as possible.

Concept Development is a follow-on subject for ‘Design Studio’. If you haven’t completed that course, please read the posts about it from last semester, starting from week one, where you’ll find useful tips and shortcuts for using the macs in the lab, some ‘switching’ tips and tutorials, and the wordpress.com tutorial site (important to note, as we’ll be using wordpress blogs extensively every week this semester). For consistent blog and mac/pc compatibility, Firefox is our browser of choice. Please install that on any home computers.

Network literacy is at the core of the subject, and aside from weekly readings and discussions, and development of an online creative project, we will be making heavy use of the following web services: (so sign up today, if not already members)

– wordpress.com (blog publishing – needed every week. New students need to tell their tutor their wordpress address, so it gets added to the collective list.)
– soundcloud.com (sound file hosting)
– vimeo.com (video file hosting)
– flickr.com (image hosting)
– twitter.com (micro-messaging service)

Most design Studio members used those accounts last semester. In 2011, we will also be paying special attention to these two services:

– delicious.com (social bookmarking service: weekly bookmark additions needed.)
Step 2: Please install the Firefox browser toolbar extension for delicious on both your home and lab computer.)

(delicious video overviewthree delicious tutorials)

– google reader (RSS reader for subscribing to blog feeds, and monitoring news and ideas from within class and from wider music networks.) (extensive tutorial for using google reader)

Activating Your RMIT Server Space
To activate your RMIT web server space, please visit this site and follow the steps carefully. We might do this as a group step by step, just to ensure we don’t get any problems that necessitate I.T. department fixes.


Once completed, this will generate a web address for you, and your student ID, in the format of :
http://raws.adc.rmit.edu.au/~s1234567/   (enter your student number instead of the example provided)

Try entering that address into your browser to check the activation process worked. If the process worked, you will be viewing a simple webpage (rather than an error message), and this means you now have your own dedicated part of the RMT web server, where you can store webpages and files for others to view on the web.

If time permits on week one, we will replace the above generic webpage – by creating a simple HTML page which includes a sentence about you, and a link to your blog. [ see w3 schools on adding links ]. We will write this page using Text Edit (press shift + command + T to make the file plain text and without any formatting), and will then save the file as “index.html”. Then we will upload this newly created webpage to the RMIT server using the Fetch or FUGU FTP software.

Homework for week one:
Read the readings from week one *and* week two by next week, and write a simple blog post about each.
Finalise your creative project idea by next week, and bring this to class for our first HTML lesson.
Subscribe to 3 research related blogs in your google reader. Bookmark these sites using delicious and tag them ‘rmitmusic’ ( along with any other tags you find useful).

For Those Wanting to Get Ahead:
Explore the semester’s reading list.
Run through the exercises about how to use HTML ( w3schools.com ) //and explore books about HTML at RMIT library.


One Response to “Week 1 for Concept Development, 2011”

  1. roccorosso Says:

    heyya Sean, Just wrote a very quick post about the new wave of sinister satan hip hop. You can check it out at


    Hope to get a comment… to fuel some dialogue about how the hip hop scene is changing in the mainstream, and maybe remember some other underground innovators still pushing the envelope.


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