Week 2: Research Checklist

((Important note for those who didn’t do Design Studio – it’s essential that you spend some time catching up with your understanding of online networks. Please read Weblogs: A History And PerspectiveRebecca Blood, September 7, 2000, and read and explore the links within the posts for Design Studio Week 1,Week 2: Social Media and Writing for the Web and Week 3: The World of Blogging.

Please ensure your blog covers all of the points mentioned in this checklist.

And yes, you should write some blog posts about your reading here. ))

Creative Project. Shared research + feedback. Lots of online Participation. Blog as reflective journal.

To enable shared research and learning, we need to have these steps in place:

– Signed up for a delicious account, delicious button installed in browser, rmitmusic tag used when bookmarking.
– google reader account + multiple subscriptions – including :
– the RSS feed for all the student blogs combined.
– the rmitmusic bookmarks @ delicious )

Research Tasks:
– Browse the combined student blogs, and on your own blog, write a post about something you found interesting. Include a link back to that specific blog post, and provide another relevant link and idea to add depth.
– Browse the delicious bookmarks being collected by everyone under the rmitmusic tag, find an interesting link and see who submitted it. Add that person to your delicious network.

Bonus subscriptions:
Want to learn about these online networks? Get information straight from the creators. These are great sources for finding out about new features. Add these to your google reader subscriptions:

soundcloud blog
vimeo blog
flickr blog


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