Week 3: Exploring Networks + Previous Projects

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the long weekend. Although there was no Monday class this week, a Tuesday class happened, and there is a range of work we need to do to keep the semester’s timetable on track. For week 3 we wanted to look at a range of online project case studies, each leveraging certain aspects of the online environment. I’ll post a collection of those projects later today – please have a browse and reflect about what makes these interesting. How might some of these techniques / principles  / ideas help improve your project / practice ?

In The Meantime
Have a look at these previous examples of projects by Concept Development students. Aside from their chosen topics, what makes them succeed or fail as websites? Who has integrated audio in an interesting way? Who has interesting relationships between text and image? Which sites are easy to navigate, and why? Make some notes about any ideas you find, and write about how they relate to your project.

VooPoo Dolls..Dog Meat RecordsNoise Pig ProductionsDIY Home RecordingA World Percussion TourThe S.A.T.O.R. ChroniclesMeliki’s musical questrunning small eventsTake Away Food Project, ‘NV‘, From Bedroom to RockstarGroove Swing Blast ( a site for Melb drummers ), Behind the scenes of Sid The SerpentAustralian Teens Against Animal CrueltyRecycling CDs, DVDs, Awe Presents ( Online Music Marketing ), Music and Visual Images, an audiovisual diary of inner city retreats.

We’ll be discussing both of these readings in Week 4:

Aguiton, Christophe @ Cardon, Dominque, 2007: The Strength of Weak Cooperation: an Attempt to Understand the Meaning of Web 2.0,Accessed Feb 2011: <http://www.idate.fr/fic/revue_telech/696/CS65_AGUITON_CARDON.pdf>

Ganaele Langlois (2011) Meaning, Semiotechnologies and Participatory Media, Culture Machine, 12, 1-27 Accessed Feb 2011: <http://www.culturemachine.net/index.php/cm/article/view/437/467>


One Response to “Week 3: Exploring Networks + Previous Projects”

  1. Week 3 Reading « Drzephenstein's Blog Says:

    […] This weeks reading by Langlois talked about many things, but to me what is most interesting for me is the idea of participatory culture. In the past this didn’t exist in the media, television shows, films, music and news was produced by corporations. But these days the Internet allows us to give feedback, build upon and even create their own media. According to media scholar Henry Jenkins, “about 65 percent of American teens are producing their own media”. Although not all of these teens would make their media available to the public, it is still an amazing statistic. Which is a sign of the corporations losing some of their power to the people. and as we do this more and more, the quality of home-made media will increase. […]

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