Week 4 – Essay Writing Tips

A very useful breakdown of the essay writing process, via Ed Montano…

“With 30% of your final mark on offer with the essay, this week will involve consideration of approaches and techniques for academic writing and research. The question can be found on the course guide document. Read through the entire article that the quote is taken from, although be careful not to plagiarise anything in your final essay.

Your essay should be a formal piece of writing, written in an appropriate academic style. This means it cannot include abbreviations, colloquialisms and journalistic language. All academic writing involves a degree of research, which is used to underpin and support the author’s ideas and thoughts. This means your essay has to demonstrate a degree of independent research, and is therefore not something that can be written the night before it is due (Wednesday May 4 2011). With this in mind, it is wise to start thinking about your essay now.” ( See Ed’s post below.. )

Week 4: Academic writing and research skills


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