Presentations in Week 6 and Project Development

Ed has written up a very useful guide for the Presentations which happen next week.

Why are we doing these presentations? They help emphasise a few project management skills – time management and communication.

–  By Week 6, it’s important that your ideas are refined and that you’ve budgeted enough remaining time in the semester to produce and refine your project.

– Being able to clearly describe your project to peers and potential audiences, increases the possibility of meaningful feedback, collaboration, further interest in your project and importantly – it helps focus your own ideas about the project’s development and priorities.

You have a small amount of time to do your presentation – so prioritise the delivery of your ideas. What is most important and interesting about your project? Why would anyone be curious or excited to explore your project? Being mindful of these questions will help shape your project in worthwhile directions. With a good project underway, part of the challenge for anyone in a creative industry is framing their project in a way that will attract interest and attention. The old advertising phrase – ‘Sell the sizzle, not the sausage’ – suggests that selling sausages can be done more easily by selling people on the idea of an enjoyable BBQ, or the memorable sensations surrounding it, rather than the product itself. In what ways might web viewers be lured deeper into your web project? In what ways might next week’s presentation audience be lured into your project?

Ongoing Project Development

1. Clarifying and refining project idea. (Is it feasibly scaled? Is it framed well?)

2. Storyboarding and mapping out your overall site plan.

3. Developing media assets:

– Write any needed portions of text

– Create any needed photographs, graphics, navigation buttons, background images etc

Create necessary Time Lapse video. A time lapse video is a series of images / frames / photographs taken over a long period of time. We will delve into the technical specifics of creating this video later, at this stage your idea matters most. What is it that you wish to document with the passing of time? ( A journey to a destination? Movement of people, objects, clouds?) Think about what will work well with this special effect, and think about how it can relate to and enrich your project. What would be an ideal setting and composition? Learn from the network: research timelapse videos and techniques within vimeo. How many photographs will you need to produce a 1 minute time lapse video? What size and format should they be?

Create necessary 1 minute Soundscape from Melbourne. What is an appropriate / interesting / provocative / evocative soundscape that would add richness and depth to your web project? Where do you need to record this? What will be the web context of this soundscape, and it’s relationship with onscreen imagery?

4. Building website with all of the above, and testing, refining, getting feedback, testing, refining.


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