The Concept Development Blog Network

Because we are studying the same material, and have similar set goals (the assessment), and because all of our blog posts are gathered in one place and are easily accessible to all classes via RSS feeds, the three separate classes doing Concept Development effectively form a network. What can we learn about online networks, from observing this network? What sorts of writing make sense in this network? What sort of social behaviours make sense in this network? In what ways does the technology influence or shape our group conversations? What technical limitations do we have? What are some interesting possibilities for expression, dialogue, sharing? What makes a good or bad post in this context? What adds value to our network?

Related: Here’s a review of student blogs by Ed, noting that a) many haven’t yet fulfilled basic blog functionality criteria, and b) many are currently failing their participation component by contributing so little to their blog. Next week is week 6, which should represent half a semester’s worth of participation on your blog.

Homework Task:
Identify 3 key blogs in the Australian music industry (including only one by an artist/band). Explore and explain why they are significant, successful or unique. Describe their sphere of online influence, and their strongest online affiliations. Note any unusual or interesting techniques of engagement.

Write a music post and include ‘Aus-Music Blog’ in your blog post subject title. Given that we have 50+ students across the 3 classes, this task should yield a very interesting map of Australian music online, and we should start seeing this reflected in our RSS feeds this week.


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