Blog Post Feedback Compilation

Scanning the collective blog posts, reveals quite a diversity of interests, some interesting creative projects and a sliding scale of usefulness in the blog posts that are course relevant (the better posts add insight, context, personality, references, links – the less useful posts merely state their approval of a site or idea, but offer nothing further).

Patientau writes about the unusual usbari project, which is a kind of chain-mail USB stick type adventure:
“I thought it might be a good idea to try and bring a little more attention to this project, and maybe get some BA Music people involved. Daniel has recently updated his website, adding some more content to the info page, and a nice faq to the homepage.” Any takers?

Starkyblog offers an excellent post with their perspective of the Gunkel reading on ‘mash-ups’ and remixing. Good? Plenty of reflection, provides comparisons, and is a quite personal response to the reading. Problematic in an academic blog context? Unauthorised used of copyrighted images ( It is relevant for many C.D. bloggers – to re-read the Copyright section in the course document ).

Set Sail & Conquer notes some free software for easy creation of time lapse videos, and (importantly for network dynamics) mentions where they was originally discovered it – over at the blog of Lucas. It’s hard to overestimate how crucial links are to engagement within blog networks.

After we’ve tallied a few more Aus music blogs, I’ll do a compilation post to put them all in one place, which should make for an interesting snapshot, and we can have a look at some of their habits and techniques.


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