Scanning the Field: Australian Music Blogs

The Concept Development group blog posts have yielded a nice list of Australian music blogs. I’ve gathered some of these below, and will add to it as others publish. Although these blogs are made by a wide spectrum of people (artists, labels, radio stations and media outlets, music journalists, music critics, general fans), there are some common threads to within the blogs listed below, some common benchmarks that help each of these succeed – good (web appropriate) writing, clarity of design and a good understanding of their audience /readers / network.

– What are some of the writing techniques used? (within blog posts, comments and the wider site. Voice? Style? How do they include links? How do they maintain or develop interest and sustain desire to return and read more? How often do they write? etc)
– How do they use and prioritise available screen space? What do you notice first?
– How do these blogs include / involve / engage their readers and peers? (Using any novel techniques?)
– What other bloggers and artists seem to be included within their inner network / community / fanbase / set of peers? How does this shape your perception of this blog?

Which of these blogs would you be most excited to see reviewing your music? Aside from directly writing to them, in what other ways might you engage with them and become visible on their network?

via Helise ( who mentioned these blogs, but didn’t link to them) Waycooljnr (discusses music, marketing and social media – and includes a reminder for songwriters to join APRA), The Empire Ship (artist blog), The In Sound From Way Out (EMI blog).
via mickeywsy Cut Copy (artist)s, Open Your Eyes (reviews, gig listings)
via Siblog thetempertrap (artists), entertainmentdepot (news) (experimental music)
via Morganblack Electrorash (also a member of Grindin, a network of blogs ) TheMusicBlogs (collaborative blog with writers all around Australia). The Temper Trap’s blog.
via Crystal Rainbow Pyramid – Cyclic Defrost (electronic music), whiteboydancefloorStoney Roads
via radioblaster – ALIA – Australasian Lighting Industry Association, Channel [V]Triple J version “Home & Hosed”
via Piper at the Gates of Dawn – Fran and Daves Musical adventureCamden Sounds (gear review), Twenty Songs(weekly countdowns of different genres), Who The Hell (event promoters), The Drones (tour diary blog)
via BlogEugene – Momentary Shelter (well networked in rural Victoria), Electrotrash (Aus club scene), Two Bright Lakes (artist+label blog)
via OGMartin – New Weird Australia (NWA coming straight outta Compton Sydney: ‘is a not-for-profit initiative designed to promote and support new eclectic and experimental Australian music.’), Mountain Fold music journal ( Melb based journal), life is noise ( Perth events)
via Starkyblog – Canberra Jazz
via Lucasskinner – Tone Deaf ( Melbourne music), Mess and Noise (National)
via nikkichook – (tour, artist info), (awards site)
via alexlikestotravel – Audio technology, The Music Blogs (collaborative blog, anyone can submit reviews).

via Fight the MCP – The Melbourne Deepcast (Melb tech / house), Everybody Loves a Buzztech (tech / dubstep), Open Your Eyes (band reviews)
via Tashalloyd – New Weird Australia(experimental), Polaroids of Androids ( mostly Sydney)
via Glapeshhh – auscore (Aussie ‘core), Spoz’s rant (Adelaide music), mess+noise (indie)
via Coltdebango – Woo-Ha!! (Melb DJs), There’s Nothing Like Australia (not an Australian blog, but an L.A. music perspective of Australia..), Northside Records (Melb store).
via FisherfisherfisherTONE DEAF (gigs), Rock ‘n’ Rollerdex (contacts), Who The Bloody Hell Are They? (news, reviews)
via TheElectric StrangerPogomix, a DJ/VJ from Perth who remixes tracks by sampling snippets from existing popular films.
via Madddg – Oceans Never Listen (reviews), Who The Hell?  ( & the other blog wasn’t Australian..)


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