Reflections on Group Blog Posts

There’s pretty varied evidence of research in the group blog posts.. different levels of engagement with the course, which in turn will gain different levels of participation marks. Below are a few recent posts of interest:

Morganblack disagrees with an aspect of the McLeod reading for week 7, arguing “a mash-up should not have to rely on people recognising the original songs.” We’ll be discussing that more in our focus on Remix in week 8.

Radioblaster shared some insights (and example code to view) into designing a page with a table on it using CSS, and noted a recent brush with ‘twitter fame‘. Did anyone make it to the demonstration of lighting used by Usher at the Rod Laver Arena? (mentioned earlier by Radioblaster)?

The Patientau prefers Tumblr to WordPress (“WordPress is the worst”), citing Tumblr’s easier customisation options and the payment required to edit CSS on the hosted version we are using. (Note: A free and fully customisable WordPress version is also available for people who wish to host it themselves.) What do other users of both Tumblr + WordPress feel? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each in relation to the music industry? Why do you think we have chosen to use wordpress?

Goodfellow has figured out a time lapse idea, and links to some examples, while Glapeshh demonstrates a time lapse ‘work in progress’: emo-style capsicum.

In other project related Starcky writes about the Coburg Trombone monster, and Scott wonders about sampling ‘audio tactile detectors‘ ( aka the buttons pressed by pedestrians at traffic lights).


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